1829 Bust Silver Dime Curl Base 2 PCGS F12

The 1829 Capped Bust Silver Dime Curl Base 2 is one of the rarest varieties in all of numismatics. First discovered in 1973, John McCloskey chronicled his discovery in the April 1992 publication of the John Reich Journal published by the John Reich Collectors Society. In hindsight, it was definitely historic, but in that moment, McCloskey readily admits he didn’t realize the magnitude of his find. He began collecting Bust Dimes in 1968 and because there were no published reference books for the series, his goal was to describe each die to help him classify every unique Bust Dime variety that he came across at coin shows. McCloskey would examine the reverses of the dimes to classify the different varieties and on that fateful day in Dayton, Ohio in 1973 he came across an 1829 Bust Dime that portrayed a different reverse than the eight other 1829 reverses that he already identified. He purchased the coin for $20 and returned home to compare it to his other 1829 dimes where he confirmed that he found a ninth unique reverse for that specific year. Upon further examination of the obverse of the nine 1829 dimes, he found that his new discovery showed a salient design difference in the “2” in the date. Instead of the rigid, straight-lined square base “2” that is common in most 1829 dimes, the “2” in the new one he found exhibited a curved or curled “2”. Still unaware of its rarity, it wasn’t until years and years of searching did he realize that he stumbled across something special. Over the years more examples have popped up and according to the January 2012 John Reich Newsletter, which is an e-newsletter produced by the John Reich Collectors Society, Louis Scuderi writes that there have been 40 reported specimens. After nearly 5 decades since its first discovery, this legendary piece carries an undeniable allure.

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For more information on the John Reich Collectors Society from which this info was taken, you can visit their website at https://www.jrcs.org/index.php