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Bullion coins have numismatic, collectible value, and there are designs to appeal to every collector. Our inventory of silver and gold bullion for sale includes regular releases of American Silver, Gold, and Platinum Eagles. Gold Buffalos, First Spouse Gold, and 5-ounce silver quarters are also available if you’re searching for something more unique.


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Bullion and Collectible Coins: FAQ

  • What is bullion? Bullion is made from non-ferrous metals refined to a high level of elemental purity. Bullion coins are used as a store of value rather than as currency. Their values fluctuate with the current price of metals- like gold, silver, or platinum.
  • What is bullion made of? Gold and silver bullion are most common, but platinum and palladium are also used to make bullion.
  • What are some common bullion designs? Bullion coins might feature cultural symbols, historical figures, or animals. What you find on these unique collectible coins depends on their history.

Start or Grow Your Collection with L&C Coins

We don’t offer investment advice, but we're happy to help you find bullion to grow your coin collection. Our bullion inventory spans decades of releases, so you’re sure to find something brilliant and unique. We regularly update our selection of silver and gold bullion for sale, so check back often. To bring diversity to your bullion collection, consider adding a commemorative medal.

You can purchase from L&C Coins with confidence, as we offer a 15-day return privilege on all purchases, and flexible layaway plans.

Have questions about coin valuation or rarity? We’re certified dealers with PCGS and NGC. We use the latest industry standards to value coins we buy and sell. If you’re interested in selling your collection or you need help finding a design, we can help. Message us online, or call us at 1-800-669-0953.

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