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Type Coins

Type Coins

A type set features one example of each coin design in a series. Collectors often use this approach when collecting older coins due to their rarity and high cost, so they’re known as “type coins”. Most are composed of silver and were produced in the 1800s. Common type series include Bust and Seated Liberty coins.


Build Your Collection With Quality Type Coins

L&C Coins offers a large selection of U.S. type coins to complete your type sets. With valuable pieces that both beginner and seasoned collectors will appreciate, you’re sure to find striking coins from many notable type sets in our inventory.

Are you a new coin enthusiast looking for your first rare coins? Or a longtime collector looking for specific coins to finish a rare series? Whatever your interest, L&C Coins is happy to help you expand your collection with brilliant, historic coins in an array of designs.

Buy Type Coins from Experienced Coin Collectors

You need industry experts to provide you with high-quality U.S.type coins, and we’re here to help. L&C Coins has been a go-to for coin enthusiasts since opening our doors in 1974. We use the highest industry standards to assess coin designs, so you can be confident that you’re getting authentic, high-quality coins every time.

Collecting with L&C Coins guarantees excellent service. We offer layaway plans for up to 5 months (interest-free) and free shipping on standard orders. In case the coin you purchase isn’t the right fit, we do offer a 15-day return privilege for all orders.

Have questions about finding a particular set, or selling your coin collection? Talk with a coin expert today to learn more about our vast selection of collectible coins. Happy browsing!

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