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Susan B. Anthony Dollars

Step into the realm of modern numismatics with the Susan B. Anthony dollar. Introduced in 1979 to honor the pioneering suffragist, this coin is renowned for its distinctive size and 11-sided rim. Distinguished by an image of Susan B. Anthony on the obverse, it marked a new era in US coinage, replacing the larger Eisenhower dollar. Its rich history and captivating design make it a must-have for every collector. Embark on a journey through history and explore the enchanting world of must-have dollars at L&C Coins.

The Susan B. Anthony Dollar: An Ode to Progress


The Susan B. Anthony dollar was a trailblazer in the annals of American coinage. Prior to its introduction, the Eisenhower dollar reigned, but its cumbersome size made it impractical for everyday use. The U.S. Mint sought to craft a smaller, more efficient dollar coin. In 1978, the wheels of change began to turn, leading to the birth of the Susan B. Anthony dollar in 1979.

The selection of Susan B. Anthony as the face of the coin was emblematic. It was a nod to her incredible contributions to the women's suffrage movement and a celebration of the progressive values that make her so memorable today. Her likeness on the dollar was a powerful tribute to a trailblazing woman who changed the course of history.


The Susan B. Anthony silver dollar boasts a design that marries tradition and innovation. The coin’s obverse, designed by Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint, Frank Gasparro, features a profile of Susan B. Anthony. Her visage was chosen to honor her relentless pursuit of women’s suffrage and social reform. 

The reverse echoes the Apollo 11 mission insignia, paying homage to human space endeavors. Interestingly, the coin has a unique hendecagonal (11-sided) rim, making it distinctive. However, its similarity in size to the quarter caused confusion among the masses, which is partly why the coin was not widely embraced by the public.

Circulation and Availability

The Susan B. Anthony dollar was minted from 1979 to 1981 and briefly in 1999. Approximately 888 million coins were produced, but they never gained popularity due to their similarity in size to the quarter. In 1999, the U.S. Mint resumed production to meet demand for vending machines until the new Sacagawea dollar was ready. The Sacagawea dollar, introduced in 2000, replaced the Susan B. Anthony, featuring a golden color to distinguish it from quarters.


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Frequently-Asked Questions

When were Susan B. Anthony silver dollars in circulation?

The Susan B. Anthony silver dollar was minted from 1979 to 1981 and briefly again in 1999. While they are no longer produced, they are still considered legal tender and can be used for transactions.

Are Susan B. Anthony dollars valuable?

The value of these dollars varies depending on factors such as mint mark, condition, and rarity. While most circulated coins are worth slightly above face value, uncirculated or proof coins can be more valuable.

What is the significance of the design on the Susan B. Anthony dollar?

The obverse of the Susan B. Anthony dollar features a portrait of Susan B. Anthony, a pioneer in the women’s suffrage movement. This choice signifies honoring an influential figure in American history and social reform. The reverse design showcases an eagle landing on the moon, an adaptation of the Apollo 11 mission insignia and symbolizing human achievements in space exploration.

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