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One of the most popular coins in our catalog is the Morgan Silver Dollar. Named after their designer, George T. Morgan, these dollars were minted from 1878 through 1904, with a short-lived resumption in 1921.

In December 1921, the first Peace Dollars were produced, supplanting the Morgan Silver Dollar. This series continued through 1935. After that, no Dollar coins were produced until 1971, when the Eisenhower Dollar (nicknamed the “Ike Dollar”) was minted. It was produced until 1978.

Dollars featuring the first historical female figure on a coin, Susan B. Anthony, were introduced in 1979 in clad only. Since 2000, Native American manganese brass dollars have been minted showcasing Sacagawea on the obverse. Annual sets of Presidential Dollars were produced from 2007 to 2016, while Innovation Dollars, featuring works of American Innovation, began production in 2018.


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Dollar Coins for Every Collector

While each coin holds a special place in a collection, old dollar coins fascinate many collectors especially. With a history stretching from the 1700s to today, these coins feature intriguing design concepts and fascinating people who changed the course of history.

New collectors often enjoy starting with 1921 Morgan Dollars. Seasoned collectors may be interested in adding brilliant old dollar coins like Liberty Seated Silver Dollars to their collection. No matter which dollar designs interest you most, L&C Coins can help you find them.

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