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Lincoln Cents

Lincoln Cents

Lincoln cents, designed by Victor David Brenner, were released in 1909. Revisions were required and initial production experienced setbacks, but Lincoln pennies are now the longest-running design in U.S. Mint history. Lincoln coins include the Lincoln Wheat, Memorial, four 2009 Bicentennial designs, and Union Shield pennies. L&C Coins offers a wide selection of these iconic coins to collect.

A Piece of History in Your Collection

We have Theodore Roosevelt to thank for Lincoln cents. In 1909, he introduced Brenner’s design to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of Lincoln’s birth. At the time, it was the first U.S. coin to feature the likeness of a real person (rather than Lady Liberty, who had been featured on preceding coin designs).

If you’re interested in other small cents, Pre-Lincoln coins like Flying Eagle cents and Indian cents are also exciting to collect and have an interesting design history to explore. Pennies have long been the lowest face-value coin, making them great starter coins for new collectors. In production since 1787, there are many penny designs and series to collect. Whether shopping for specific pennies or cent rolls, L&C Coins is here to help.

Grow Your Collection With L&C Coins

L&C Coins offers a wide selection of authentic coins for new and seasoned collectors. Our family-owned coin dealership has been serving collectors since 1974. We’re certified dealers with PCGS and NGC. We also work with Coin World and Numismatic News to keep collectors informed.

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