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Half Dollars

Mint engraver Charles Barber designed the first Liberty head halves, as well as dimes and quarters. These Barber Halves were primarily composed of silver and were produced from 1892 to 1915. In 1916, a Walking Liberty design was implemented to replace the original design. These Walking Liberty Halves were 90% silver. These coins remain very popular, thanks to their “Lady Liberty" design. If you’re new to coin collecting, this series is a good option, since it has MS63-MS64 grades at decent prices.

In 1948, Founding Father Benjamin Franklin replaced Lady Liberty on Halves with the advent of Franklin Halves. The iconic Kennedy Halves, featuring the former President’s profile, debuted in 1964 and have been in circulation ever since. 

No matter which US half-dollar coins you’re interested in, you can find them with the help of our experts at L&C Coins.


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Discover Brilliant, Quality Half Dollars for Sale at L&C Coins

L&C Coins offers a large selection of US half-dollar coins that will delight seasoned and new coin collectors alike. Along with Walking Liberty halves, newer coin collectors often like to start with historic 1965 Kennedy Halves. If you’re a veteran collector searching for certified half dollars in great condition, coins like 1893 Barber Halves are sure to pique your interest.

With our ever-evolving selection and wide range of price points ($10 to $20,000), you’re sure to find the perfect US half-dollar coin to grow your unique collection.

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