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Other (Unique Coins)

Many numismatic pieces don’t fit standard categories. This is why we offer an entire category dedicated to unique coins. Explore some of the most unusual coins in our inventory: U.S. currency/commemorative coins, Territorial Coins, and old foreign coins. Mixed Lots may be an exciting option if you’re interested in unique groupings of coins.

There is a vast range of coins out there, each with its own unique history to discover. We sell unique coins from the U.S. Mint that you can explore by period or design. If you’re drawn to old foreign coins, our World Coins are a fun way to expand your horizons.


Common Questions About These Coins

  • What are World Coins? World coins are minted outside the United States.
  • What are Lots? A lot is a set of multiple coins purchased all at once. Lots may have many of the same coins, or they can include assorted denominations and designs. Some lots contain only gold or silver coins, others might be coins from a single mint or release year. 
  • Do you guys deal in unique currency? Over the years, we have purchased classic currency from customers and other dealers. We have finally accumulated enough to offer it for sale to our customers.

Make Your Collection Unique: Shop L&C Coins

L&C Coins is dedicated to helping you source rare and unique coins for your collection. Whether you’re a long-time collector or just getting started, we have coins you’ll enjoy and appreciate. As certified dealers with the PCGS and NGC, we sell only authentic collectible coins. You can purchase any of our coins with confidence since we offer a 15-day return privilege.

If you have one-of-a-kind collectible coins you’d like to sell, we may be interested in buying. Message us online, or call 1-800-669-0953 to talk with one of our coin experts today.

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