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Mercury Dimes

The Mercury Dime is popular with collectors thanks to its recognizable face and striking imagery. If you’re interested in adding more historic dime designs to your collection, Barber Dimes are a good starting place. If you appreciate Weinman’s designs, Walking Liberty Halves or American Silver Eagles may interest you.

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Mercury Dimes: A Unique Name and Design

Most U.S. coins feature popular American symbolism or major figures in our history. So why would some U.S. dimes feature a Roman god? The name Mercury Dimes is actually a misnomer from an early misidentification of Weinman's design.

The obverse features Lady Liberty in a winged cap, representing free thinking. At some point, she was mistaken for Mercury, who wears a similar winged cap, and the nickname stuck. The reverse features Roman fasces of an ax tied to rods and an olive branch. Designed by Adolph Weinman and produced between 1916 and 1945, Silver Mercury Dimes are an exciting addition to any coin collection.

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